15 years ago when we opened our doors we were Carolina Custom Security. Much has changed throughout the years and custom audio/video has been a big part of those changes. Hence “Carolina Custom Security & Sound” We have always offered audio/video products, but as consumer’s needs grew, so did we. Today we are among the leaders in custom installation in the low country. What sets us apart from the others is our loyalty to our manufacturers. Our philosophy is simple. Buy and sell only Yamaha components, get tremendous support from Yamaha. Buy and sell only Klipsch speakers, get tremendous support from Klipsch. And it works. If we have a problem with a product, our manufacturers are there to take care of it. This is passed on directly to you, the end user, which greatly enhances our customer service.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to see which products not only perform well, but which ones are easy for our customers to use. We feel that we have put together a great group of manufacturing partners to best suit our customers needs. To take it a step further, we have side stepped distribution and are factory direct with all of our partners to offer you the best price possible.

Please take a moment to view some of our manufacturer’s websites and product line up, as we are proud of their enthusiasm about this industry.



Klipsch – We are the exclusive dealer for this leading global manufacturer of high performance speakers. Klipsch outfits all Regal cinemas in the US including Regal Charles Towne Stadium 18 in N. Charleston. Read the story of the founder Paul Klipsch.”quite interesting”
Yamaha – They have been in the music business since 1887. A leading producer of, once again, “high performance” audio/video equipment. We sell their Audio components exclusively.
Snap AV – A peer in our industry who was tired of paying distributor mark up on the widjets needed to install A/V jobs. He started his own manufacturing and sourcing company in Charlotte NC to save himself and other dealer’s money. We pass along that savings to you.
Niles Audio – Rock solid accessories to enhance any system. Their stuff doesn’t break
Elan – Another Rock Solid product. Elan was a pioneer in the multi-room, multi-source product category and has been hitting it hard since 1989. Fantastic product and great support.
Sony – Our feeling is no one does the Video market better. The only TV we sell and we never have to apologize for the quality.